That same need made me fall madly in love with mechanical toys. There was only one store where they were sold, and it is still there in Guanajuato. The Flower Castle sold candy, pastries and toys. The then proprietor was a Frenchman, don Enrique Regnie, who had come to Mexico as a conscript among many of the invading armies. He was my father's friend and I was the rapt audience to the accounts of their campaigns. Each time he received a new toy to sell, he would place it strategically in a showcase in the window and I, who was forever checking the store, would catch sight of the novelty and, if I liked it (I only went for machines), I would begin to court the toy as if it were a girl; I'd feel feverish and would blush as I went back and forth in front of that case, glancing sideways at it. Then I would look at it for hours until I could declare my love. I'd march into The Flower Castle and, without any compunction, I would summarily order don Enrique: "Have this sent to my house and jot it down on my father's account."
— Diego Rivera