PolicyLink Regional Equity Summit - Carl Anthony, Paloma Pavel
April 13, 2018, Hyatt Regency Chicago 151 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL, United States

Carl Anthony, author of the Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race, and Paloma Pavel, author of Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty, will be discussing ways to build a coalition between environmental activism and social justice movements to reduce poverty and improve the economy.

Books related to this event:

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The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race
Carl Anthony
2017 Edition
Carl Anthony interweaves urban history, racial justice, and cosmology with personal experiences as an architect/planner, environmentalist, and Black American. By connecting struggles for social and racial justice to the Universe Story, it creates new story for our time.

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Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty PB
Anne Herbert, M. Paloma Pavel
2016 Edition
This modern parable, illustrated by Mayumi Oda, has wisdom for realizing world peace and community health in our time. Let us start the dance!

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