25th Anniversary of The Universe Story - Carl Anthony Keynote
Thursday November 9, 2017, 9:00am - 9:00pm, Holy Names University 3500 Mountain Boulevard, Valley Center for the Performing Arts Oakland, CA 94619

On November 9, 2017, we gather locally and Earth-wide to launch into the next quarter century and beyond within this essential Movement for our Human Family, Earth Community and The Universe Story.

The day will be focused on celebrating the 3 Cosmogenetic Principles of The Universe Story: *Differentiation/Uniqueness *Subjectivity/Interiority *Communion/Kinship

Books related to this event:

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The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race
Carl Anthony
2017 Edition
Carl Anthony interweaves urban history, racial justice, and cosmology with personal experiences as an architect/planner, environmentalist, and Black American. By connecting struggles for social and racial justice to the Universe Story, it creates new story for our time.

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