How to Create Green Schoolyards: A Conversation with Sharon Gamson Danks
February 26, 2012, Denver, CO

Hosted by Earth Force, Sharon will take participants on a journey from traditional grassy fields and pavement to explore the growing movement toward "green" school grounds in the United States and abroad. The talk will ground these examples in a practical framework that schools can use to make their schoolyards more comfortable, enjoyable, and sustainable.

It will also focus on how participatory design processes can be used to engage the whole school community in reā€imagining their school grounds, and harness the skills of capable, creative parents, teachers, and students to collaboratively change their school environment over time.

***RSVP by Feb. 23 by contacting Cara Lynch at 505-977-3025 or***

Books related to this event:

Product image
Asphalt to Ecosystems
Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation
Sharon Gamson Danks
2010 Edition
Case studies from North America, Scandinavia, Japan, and Great Britain demonstrate natural outdoor teaching environments that support hands-on learning in science, math, language, and art in ways that nurture healthy imagination and socialization.

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