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 The New Village  is the journal  of enlightened leadership in community planning, development, and revitalization.

New Village is published by the national organization Architects/ Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR) and is written for practitioners and citizen activists, alike.

Each theme-focused issue offers more than a dozen articles, plus useful resources, on the diverse aspects of community building. In it you'll find inspired solutions to the ecological, economic, and social problems of our time.

• ISSN : 15254305

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New Village Journal: Issue 1
Community Revitalization
The premier issue of the New Village Journal — a collection of energizing inspiration and practical wisdom about community building and revitalization. Stories range from community gardening in DC to housing for the homeless in Chicago, San Francisco, and NYC to youth gang violence prevention across the country.

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New Village Journal: Issue 2
Community Scale Economies
This second issue of the New Village Journal focuses on the locally spawned commerce which supports a neighborhood or city and contributes to its being uniquely home. The stories here demonstrate that even when global enterprise threatens to homogenize the American culture or big-box retail to replace Main Street, human creativity prevails.

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New Village Journal: Issue 3
Education for Community Building
This third issue of the New Village Journal contains a collection of educational programs that contribute to the enhancement of community — programs that show the transformation of competition-based learning into compassion-based learning, textbook learning into experiential learning, and rote learning into imaginative learning.

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