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By Heart
Poetry, Prison, and Two Lives
Judith Tannenbaum, Spoon Jackson
A two-person memoir that explores education, prison, possibility, and which children our world nurtures and which it shuns. At the book's core are two stories that speak up for human imagination, spirit, and the power of art.

 "...Judith wants us to see that humanity exists, and can thrive, in even the places where we try to bury it. And when we choose to acknowledge what we so seldom look at, we may very well find reflections of ourselves."

- Wendy Jason,

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Building Commons and Community
Karl Linn
Building Commons and Community documents 45 years of the late Karl Linn's legacy creating neighborhood spaces for communities and by communities. In this richly-illustrated landscape-format hardcover book, Linn presents his philosophies and practical wisd

Alice Walker, author, The Color Purple

Karl Linn's compassion, humanity and insight into what makes good community design—and what, in fact, makes community itself—is exactly what much of the world needs to develop if we are to evolve beyond our current frightful state of affairs. He saw the need for space and safety, beauty and joy in people's lives—especially the lives of poor children—and he filled it by the truckload. His was a quietly heroic life, lived close to the root of what really matters: an understanding that the... cont'd

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Undoing the Silence
Six Tools for Social Change Writing
Louise Dunlap
Undoing the Silence offers guidance to help both citizens and professionals influence democratic process through letters, articles, reports, and public testimony.

Nancy McKinney - Gustavus Myers Center

Let me begin this personal reflection on Louise Dunlap's book, Undoing the Silence, by stating that I wish that I had had this book in my "toolbox" a long time ago. Although I have always been an adequate writer, I now realize that I have let my "inner judges" prevent me from freeing my own authentic voice in my writing. As I read this book and worked through the exercises, I felt as though the author was speaking directly to me.

In one of the first writing exercises, called "Naming... cont'd

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Works of Heart
Building Village through the Arts
Citizen artists revitalize place, celebrate culture and inspire social change in this book of beautiful community-based arts projects. Nine communities from the United States and Canada show the genius, passion and practicality of their creativity.

Elsie Wood - Chidren, Youth and Environment

Building vibrant communities is high on social and civic agendas. Models of programs and projects are increasingly becoming recognized through literature, media and internet. A leading voice is New Village Press, a publishing house dedicated to producing books dealing with community building, community development, and community-based art. Lynne Elizabeth is current director of the press and one of the editors of Works of Heart. In the preface she praises the late Jane Jacobs for... cont'd

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Doing Time in the Garden
Life Lessons through Prison Horticulture
James Jiler
Inspiring firsthand account of how in-prison vocational training programs at Riker's Island Jail lead to meaningful post-release employment and reduce recidivism — the GreenHouse and GreenTeam run by James Jiler for the Horticultural Society of New York.

The Community Arts Network

Today CAN brings you an excerpt from a new book by New Village Press; Doing Time in the Garden: Life Lessons Through Prison Horticulture by James Jiler. It's the first comprehensive guide to creating in-prison and post-release horticultural training programs. Jiler directs the Greenhouse Project, a horticultural job-training program for male and female inmates at New York City's Rikers Island jail system. He also directs the GreenTeam of ex-offenders who work with community groups... cont'd

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Crossroads Comics #1
Keith Knight, Mat Schwarzman
This educational comic of graphic true stories is derived from the Beginner's Guide to Community-Based Arts by award-winning cartoonist Keith Knight and progressive youth educator Mat Schwarzman. Depicts two inspiring artists who heal social problems.

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Performing Communities
Grassroots Ensemble Theaters Deeply Rooted in Eight U.S. Communities
Ann Kilkelly, Robert H. Leonard
Ensemble theater is one of the most vibrant, meaningful American performance forms today. It's more than art — it's a social movement.

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History as Catalyst for Civic Dialogue
Case Studies from Animating Democracy
Barbara Schaffer Bacon, Pam Korza
This book examines three projects that mined hidden, forgotten, or suppressed histories of slavery and lynching in the United States in order to stimulate meaningful dialogue about persistent issues of race and marginalization.

For more information, please visit Americans for the Arts or Animating Democracy.

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Dialogue in Artistic Practice
Case Studies from Animating Democracy
Barbara Schaffer Bacon, Pam Korza
This book explores the work of three exemplary artist companies. Case studies examine the Animating Democracy projects implemented by these companies, as well as their long traditions of community engagement, to highlight how dialogue is inherent to art.

For more information, please visit Americans for the Arts or Animating Democracy.

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Cultural Perspectives in Civic Dialogue
Case Studies from Animating Democracy
Barbara Schaffer Bacon, Pam Korza
This book shares the efforts of cultural organizers who are skilled in working deeply within and across cultures to understand important cultural considerations in arts-based civic dialogue work.

For more information, please visit Americans for the Arts or Animating Democracy.

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