Works of Heart

Building Village through the Arts

Introduction by Tom Borrup
With Heather Beal, Kiko Denzer, Alicia Hokanson, Annie Lanzillotto, Clare Cooper Marcus, Pamela Michael, Kate Madden Yee
Edited by Lynne Elizabeth, Suzanne Young
Other Lily Yeh

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Citizen artists revitalize place, celebrate culture, and inspire social change

This full-color celebration of communities engaged in creative cultural expression profiles nine exemplary grassroots arts projects depicting an intersection of creativity with love of place. Stories range from children building an African-inspired mud facade on their Oregon middle school to an annual blessing-procession and festival in North Philadelphia that brings to life dozens of the most depressed blocks in urban America. Other regions represented include Minneapolis, Boston, Berkeley, rural Maine, San Francisco, the New York Bronx, and Vancouver, Canada. Community-based arts resources are sited throughout.

Works of Heart offers a compendium of multicultural human-interest stories that will inspire and inform both community development professionals and citizen activists. Among those profiled are Lily Yeh and the Village of Arts and Humanities, Clara Wainwright and the Faith Quilts Project, Dolly Hopkins and Public Dreams, and the Beehive Collective.

Lynne Elizabeth is founder and director of New Village Press. She is the past president of Architects/ Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR), a public-benefit educational organization founded in 1981 that works for peace, environmental protection, social justice, and development of healthy communities.

Suzanne Young is a writer, editor, essayist, and independent communications specialist serving Fortune 500 clients for more than a decade.






Working with What's Underfoot
by Thomas Borrup

Creating Place

Song of the Wounded Earth
by Suzanne Young

Saving the Soap
by Heather Beal

Garden of Hope
by Clare Cooper Marcus

Mud Murals
by Kiko Denzer

Celebrating Culture

An Artist Journeys Home
by Annie Lanzillotto

Piecing a Bigger Story
by Kate Madden Yee

Coming Home: Public Dreams Goes Back to the Village
by Kate Madden Yee

Artist as Activist

River of Words
by Pamela Michaels, Alicia Hokanson

Cross-Pollinating the Grassroots
by A Bee Friend





Chidren, Youth and Environment
Building vibrant communities is high on social and civic agendas. Models of programs and projects are increasingly becoming recognized through literature, media and internet. A leading voice is New Village Press, a publishing house dedicated to producing books dealing with community building, community development, and community-based art. Lynne Elizabeth is current director of the press and one of the editors of Works of Heart. In the preface she praises the late Jane Jacobs for having the courage to include the emotion "love" as the vibrant glue for what really makes community work successful and the inspiration for the book's title.

- Elsie Wood, Chidren, Youth and Environment

Apr 1, 2007
"Go home. Work with the mentalities you fled in your development. Wrestle your neighbors. Call out your ancestors," wrote artist Annie Rachele Lanzillotto in "Works of Heart: Building Village through the Arts."

This new anthology presents a remarkable spectrum of artists who, like Lanzillotto, immersed themselves in their communities and emerged with projects, connections and experiences that transcend traditional notions of community art and move into realms that seem more like community development.
- Jennifer Roche, CommunityArtsNetwork

"Community building is not just about housing, although we are doing that.
It's not just about gardens, but that's an important backbone.
It's not just about education.
It's all of that,
but we must remember the heart."

— Lily Yeh, founder, The Village of Arts and Humanities, Philadelphia