New Village Journal: Issue 2

Community Scale Economies

Edited by Lynne Elizabeth

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The second issue of the New Village Journal that focuses on the locally spawned commerce that supports a neighborhood or city and contributes to its being uniquely home. The stories here demonstrate that even when global enterprise threatens to homogenize the American culture or big box retail to replace Main Street, human creativity prevails.


Title New Village Journal: Issue 2
Subtitle Community Scale Economies
Title Part Issue 2
Edited by Lynne Elizabeth
ISSN 15254305
Publisher New Village Press
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Credit New Village Press
Title First Published 01 April 2002
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Includes Bibliography; Appendices


Issue 2: Community Scale Economies

Table of Contents


The New Urbanism: Zoning and Housing that Serve Home-based Businesses
By Michael Pyatok, FAIA

Share-It Square: A Portland Neighborhood Creates Civic Riches
by Andrea Montalbano

Greenmarket: Farmers' Markets of New York Make Modern Day Agora
by Jane McGroarty

Littleton, Colorado: A Self-reliant Community in the Global Age
by Christian Gibbon


Amazing Shrinking Machines: Local Economies are Thriving Alternatives to Globalism
by Michael Shuman

Resources: Community Scale Economies


Profiles in Microlending: Case Studies of Women Entrepreneurs
by Betsy Brill

Encouraging New Entrepreneurs, Not Just Creating Jobs
by Roberta Brandes Gratz

Resources: Microenterprises in the U.S.


Making Money Sustainable: Work in Progress at the Los Angeles Eco-Village
by Lois Arkin

Community Currencies at a Crossroads: New Ways Forward for Local Currencies and LETS Systems
by Tom Cohen-Mitchell

Progressive Business Models

Cooperatives: Co-op and Worker Owned Businesses
by Steve Bodzin

Urban Aquaculture
by Beth Ferguson

Sweet Economics: New Cooperative Produces Chocolate Where it is Grown
by Marc (Moth) Green

Resources: Cooperatives and Worker-Owned Businesses

Social Purpose Ventures

Youth Industry
by Teresa Moore

Resources: Community Economic Development

Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture: A Revolutionary Model for Economic Development
by Chris Lazarus

Profiles in Urban Agriculture
by Chris Lazarus

The Food Project -- Roxbury and Lincoln, Massachusetts

Isles Community Farm -- Trenton, New Jersey

Fairview Gardens -- Goleta, California

Annex Organics/ Field to Table -- Toronto, Ontario

Greensgrow Farm -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Growing Home -- Chicago, Illinois

Village of Arts and Humanities -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Urban Agriculture Network -- Washington, D.C.

Resources: Urban Agriculture

In Memory

Rosemary Rabin, HAIA

Kermit Dorius, FAIA

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