Katrin B. Anacker

Assistant Professor of Public Policy
George Mason University

Katrin B. Anacker is an assistant professor at George Mason's School of Public Policy in Arlington, Virginia. Her research interests are in housing, housing and urban policy, inequality, real estate markets, research methods, and research design. She is the review editor of the Journal of Planning Education and Research and was the cohost of the national conference Suburbs and the 2010 Census in Arlington, Virginia, in July 2011. Her work has been published in the Journal of Urban Affairs, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Housing Policy Debate, Urban Geography, International Journal of Housing Policy, and Housing and Society. Before joining George Mason University's School of Public Policy, she was a postdoctoral fellow and research assistant professor at Virginia Tech in Alexandria, Virginia, where she served as coeditor of the academic journal Housing Policy Debate and where she served as conference manager of the international conference A Suburban World: Global Decentralization and the New Metropolis hosted in Reston, Virginia, in April 2008.

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