Sandra Hinson

Chief Policy Analyst
Grassroots Policy Project

Sandra Hinson is the chief policy analyst for the Grassroots Policy Project (GPP). Since 1994, she has served GPP in several capacities, including associate trainer and curriculum designer, development director, and, between 1999 and 2003, executive director. In 1994, she contributed to GPP's publication on corporate subsidies, No More Candy Store (1994), by Greg LeRoy and Richard Healey. She edited and contributed to the follow-up publication, Public Subsidies, Public Accountability (1999), with Elliot Negin and Richard Healey. She cowrote, with Richard Healey, a chapter on theories of power for social movements for Rhyming Hope and History: Activists, Academics and Social Movement Scholarship (2005). Her complete curriculum materials include weeklong training programs for the Midwest States Center and Northeast Action, a yearlong program codeveloped with the Environmental and Economic Justice Project called Strategic Training and Education for Power (STEP), and workshops on structural racism and the political economy codeveloped with staff from National People's Action. Hinson has also recently written on the financial crisis for GPP. Prior to joining GPP, Hinson worked on health care issues with the Communications Workers of America’s Health and Welfare Trust. While obtaining her master’s degree in sociology from Stony Brook University, she was treasurer for one year and vice president for two years at CWA Local 1188.

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