Bridge Conversations

People Who Live and Work in Multiple Worlds
Various authors

Edited by Caron Atlas, Kathie deNobriga, Linda Frye Burnham

"Some of the most powerful change happens in the intersections of generations, cultures, sectors, and geographies. Collected here are stories about these intersections and the people who make them. They are strategic artists and creative organizers, activist anthropologists, poetic politicians, and loving family members. All are engaged in the deeply creative act of believing that something else is possible. They are bridges with deep foundations and squatters who bring their communities with them. They may not always be visible (or even want to be visible), but they see in the plural and listen with curiosity and compassion."

The 24 stories that comprise this collection offer an opportunity to consider the signifcant, transformative power of making connections in everyday life.Some of the most creative strategies live in these connections and this series of essays seeks to learn from a diverse group of creative people who are building bridges and creating hybrid and integrated programs, strategies, and lives.

Bridge Conversations is a publication of the Arts & Democracy Project which strives to build the momentum of a growing movement that links arts and culture, participatory democracy, and social justice. Their work is based on the creative power of arts and culture as a catalyst for action--especially among people who have been traditionally disenfranchised. Their programs link the national and the local, reflecting the belief that social change, policymaking, and field building are best grounded in the nuanced and dynamic contexts of community practice. The Arts & Democracy Project support cultural organizing and cross-sector collaborators; raise the visibility of transformative work; cross-pollinate cultural practitioners with activists, organizers, and policymakers; and create spaces for relfection such as these Bridge Conversations.


Title Bridge Conversations
Subtitle People Who Live and Work in Multiple Worlds
Author Various authors
Publisher Arts & Democracy
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Audience 01 General / Trade
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Introduction: Something Else is Possible

Activating the Creativity of Community Development

Aesthetics and Mathematics of Social Change

Anthropology as Social Activism

Breaking Out of a Bifurcated World

Connecting Action and Academia in California's Central Valley

Creating with a Sense of Strategic Practice

Creating Transformative Spaces

Crossing the Borders of Culture and Politics

Direct and Indirect Approaches to Community Change

Finding Common Language Bewtween Artists and Community Organizers

Incarceration, Fatherhood, and Artmaking

Innovative Approaches to Linking Nonprofit and For-profit Models

Interweave of Culture and Ecology

Listening to the Stories Underneath the Work We Do

Multifaceted Art of Community Planning

New Paradigms of Artful Change

Organic and Traditional Bridging

Planning the Revolution over Collards

Politics and Humnanity

Power of Art to Move People

Spiritual Core of Indigenous Social Justice

Tensions and Synergies of Being Strategic and Creative

Theater and Banned Cultural Expression in Belarus

Who Will Carry the Work Forward?

Author Biographies