New Creative Community

The Art of Cultural Development

An inspiring, foundational book that defines the burgeoning field of community cultural development. Through personal stories, rousing accounts, detailed observation and histories, Arlene Goldbard describes how communities express and develop themselves via the creative arts. This comprehensive, photographically-illustrated book, which covers community-based arts such as theater grounded in oral history and murals celebrating cultural heritage, will appeal to the curious non-specialist reader as well as the practitioner and student.

Author Arlene Goldbard is one of the best-known authors on community cultural development. Her seminal books and essays are widely read in the US and other English-speaking countries -- among them, Community, Culture and Globalization and this book's antecedent, Creative Community.


Title New Creative Community
Subtitle The Art of Cultural Development
Publisher New Village Press
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Credit Arlene Goldbard
Title First Published 01 October 2006
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Includes Index
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 272 p. Index .
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Publication Date 01 October 2006
Main content page count 272
Illustrations 24 Illustrations
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Notes to the Reader

Chapter One: Understanding Community Cultural Development

Chapter Two: Unifying Principles

Chapter Three: A Matrix of Practice

Chapter Four: An Exemplary Tale

Chapter Five: Historical and Theoretical Underpinnings

Chapter Six: Theory from Proactice: Elements of a Theory of Community Cultural Development

Chapter Seven: The State of the Field

Chapter Eight: The Field's Developmental Needs

Chapter Nine: Planning for Community Cultural Development

Conclusion: Time to Rise and Shine

Glossary: Cultural Community  Development

Selected Bibliography: Community Cultural Development

Author and Approach



Additional Materials

Arlene Goldbard interview - Bat Segundo Show

Listen to Arlene Goldbard, author of New Creative Community, interview on the Bat Segundo Show.
Arlene Goldbard interview - Bat Segundo Show


In arts-rich Minneapolis, where I live, the artistic organization that draws the largest single crowd every year is the scrappy little In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater. Working out of a once-abandoned movie theatre in one of the city's poorest neighborhoods, this unabashedly iconoclastic troupe lets people walk in off the street to help plan its annual May Day Parade and Festival, which draws upwards of 50,000 people to celebrate the political and spiritual undercurrents of the spring holiday.

- Jay Walljasper

Culturelink Network
Dec 1, 2006
The book New Creative Community: The Art of Cultural Development written by Arlene Goldbard brings new reflections of this author who has been for many years one of the best known writers and researchers in the field of community cultural development but also an author of visionary and graceful prose. This new book brings some fresh ideas and findings, following a previous study published by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2001 under the title Creative Community: The Art of Cltural Development.

re:place magazine
Sep 9, 2009
Community cultural development may not be an everyday phrase, but it is an important force in fostering strong and lasting relationships with our neighbours and can result in many other far-reaching benefits for all involved. In New Creative Community Arlene Goldbard examines the history, current state and future needs of an often overlooked force in developing healthy communities.

- Leszek Apouchtine

Community Development: Journal of the Community Development Society
At first glance, Alene Goldbard's book, New Creative Community--The Art of Cultural Development, seems tangential to mainstream community development, but that's far from the case as this work is based on strong values and principles... values and principles that are harmonious with community development. Goldbard, along with her partner Don Adams, is among the most articulate

- Bernie Jones and Maryo Gard Ewell

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