Paula Horrigan

Associate Professor of Lanscape Architecture
Cornell University

Paula Horrigan is a professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Cornell University. In her teaching, research and outreach, she advocates for action research and service-learning, and is dedicated to fostering the theory and practice of place-based design. For the past five years, she has acted as faculty chair of Cornell's Faculty Fellow-in-Service Governance Board, convening a Fellows Seminar on Service-Learning, and producing a publication of faculty essays entitled: Extending our Reach: Voices of Service-Learning at Cornell, Faculty Fellows in Service and the Public Service Center (2007). Horrigan has spearheaded many participatory, community-driven processes resulting in the design and construction of public spaces, restorative landscapes, and parks. As a licensed, practicing landscape architect, Horrigan also focuses on sustainable design and the development of winery landscapes, combining agricultural production and cultural presentation.

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