New Village Journal: Issue 3

Education for Community Building

Edited by Lynne Elizabeth

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This third issue of the New Village Journal contains a collection of educational programs that contribute to the enhancement of community — programs that show the transformation of competition-based learning into compassion-based learning, textbook learning into experiential learning, and rote learning into imaginative learning.

Many of the programs documented here, such as university/community partnerships, offer not only progressive curricula and enlightened research methods, but exhibit in their very structure a model for healthy community teamwork.


Title New Village Journal: Issue 3
Subtitle Education for Community Building
Title Part Issue 3
Edited by Lynne Elizabeth
ISSN 15254305
Publisher New Village Press
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Credit New Village Press
Title First Published 01 April 2003
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Issue 3: Education for Community Building

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

University/Community Partnerships

The Southeast Asian Environmental Justice Partnership: Citizens Revive a New England Mill Town River
by Linda Silka

Mayor's Institute on City Design

Building Social Capital through Participatory Design: The Waterfront Commons of Union Point Park, Oakland
by Michael Rios

Resources: University Community Partnerships

Resources: Southeast Asian Health & Refugee Issues

Making Waves Along the Mississippi: The East St. Louis Action Research Project
by Kenneth Reardon

Mill Creek: West Philadelphia Students Uncover the Life of their Urban Watershed
by Benjamin McCloskey

Resources: Service Learning and Alternative Education

Progressive Curricula and Programs

Dilmun Hill: Developing an Environmental Learning Center at Cornell
by Heather Clark

Resources for Community-Based Alternative Education

Resources for Ecological Education

Partnerships for Social Change: Community-Based Learning at Hampshire College
by Myrna Breitbart and Beth Ferguson

Intentional Communities as Learning Opportunities
by Dan Greenberg

Salvadori Center
by Jane McGroarty

Community Design Centers

Architecture as Ministry: Detroit Community Design Center
by Terrence Curry

Resources for Community Designers
by John Cary, Jr.

Engaging Students in Participatory Design
Henry Sanoff

Participatory Planning Books

Popular Education

Telling It Like It Was: Community Storytelling in the Bronx
by Lyn Pyle, Colleen Halsburg Wiessner, and Jim Morgan

PICCED: Forty Years in the Making

The How of Study Circles
by Cecile Andrews

Resources for Popular Education and Participatory Research

Nature As Teacher

Awakening Our Senses to Learn: Interview with Wilderness Educator Jon Young
Interviewer: Christina Bertea

Inviting Nature to the Planning Table

Camp Arroyo

A Shrimp Tale: Students and Teachers Restore a Local Watershed
by Nancy Bauer

Center for Eco-Literacy

Designing Ecological Schoolyards
by Sharon Danks

Resources for Ecological Schoolyards

Argonne Child Development Center


In Memory: Sidney Gilbert

In Memory: David Kibbey

In Memory: Sam Mockbee

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