Caron Atlas

Arts & Democracy Project of State Voices

Caron Atlas works to support and stimulate arts and culture as an integral part of social justice. She directs the Arts & Democracy Project, codirects the Naturally Occurring Cultural District Working Group (NOCD-NY), teaches at New York University and Pratt Institute, and is a member of the New York City Steering Committee for Participatory Budgeting. She edited Bridge Conversations: People who Live and Work in Multiple Worlds and Critical Perspectives: Writings on Art and Civic Dialogue.

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Critical Perspectives
Writings on Art and Civic Dialogue
Caron Atlas, Pam Korza
Critical Perspectives is a collection of essays that explore art, civic dialogue, and reflective critical writing. The essays focus on three compelling projects that employed the unique capacities of theater, visual art, and historic preservation.

Edited by Caron Atlas

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Bridge Conversations
People Who Live and Work in Multiple Worlds
Various authors
A collection of stories about the change that happens in the intersections of generations, cultures, sectors, and geographies and the people that make them.

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