Between Grace and Fear

The Role of the Arts in a Time of Change

Commentaries by Linda Frye Burnham, Arlene Goldbard, Lily Yeh

This book is a series of interviews with social theorists and scholars, philanthropists, scientists, theologians, artists, community development and community arts activists. The subjects, some 30 in all, were asked to comment on the eventuality of the necessity of organizing our relationships to each other and to nature.  The contributors provide their perceptions of what role artists and arts organizations should play in contributing to a more just and sustainable society.


Title Between Grace and Fear
Subtitle The Role of the Arts in a Time of Change
Publisher Common Ground Publishing
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Title First Published 16 August 2010
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Publication Date 16 August 2010
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About the Authors


Part I: Where We Are & Where We Are Going: General Formulations of the Social Situation & of the Nature of Change Upon Us

David Korten, Lily Yeh, Dorothy Lagerroos, Jennifer Williams, R. Carlos Nakai, Arlene Goldbard

Part II: The Web of Solutions: Perceptions of Environmental & Community Activists

Rod Mast, Harry Boyte, Sarah James, Judy Baca, Linda Burnham & Steve Durland

Part II: The Persistent Thread: The Role of Arts in Society

Steve Hetizeg, Richard Ringler, William C. Banfield, Wilson Yates

Part IV: Other Voices: Reflections from Philanthropy, Religion, Education, Politics

Claudine Brown, Neil Cuthbert, Lynn Szwaja, Krystal Banfield, Linda Whittington

Part V: Slow Culture: Local Initiatives in the Arts and Community Development

Karin Ringler, Erik Takeshita, Sharon Rodning Bash, Gregorio Luke, Linda Burnham & Steve Durland

Part VI: Between Grace and Fear: The Responsibility of the Arts in a Time of Change

Bert Mulder, David O'Fallon, Linda Burnham & Steve Durland, Milenko Matanovic

Part VII: Griot Stories and Shaman Dreams: Visions of the Arts in a Changing World

The Community Creativity Story

Bridges, Translations and Change: The Arts as Infrastructure in a Changing World by William Cleveland

Epilogue by William Cleveland


GIA Reader
Is a major shift in worldview taking place across the globe today? If so, what role can artists, arts organizations, and cultural creatives play in imagining and sustaining a future with more equitable lifeways?

- Judi Jennings

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