Acting Together on the World Stage DVD and Toolkit

Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict

Director Allison Lund
Producer Cynthia E. Cohen
Other Eugene van Erven, Mary Ann Hunter, John O'Neal

Collection Acting Together

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The educational documentary Acting Together on the World Stage highlights courageous and creative artists and peacebuilders working in conflict zones. It features theatrical works and rituals that reach beneath people's defenses respectful ways that support communities to configure new patterns of meaning and relationships. Acting Together on the World Stage grows out of a five-year initiative of Theatre Without Borders, Brandeis University, and filmmaker Allison Lund. Dynamic footage of performances, rituals, and candid interviews with artists and peacebuilders place case studies in their socio-political and cultural contexts. The documentary is designed for students, practitioners, educators, and policymakers in fields related to performance and to peace and conflict studies, and for others who believe—or who want to be convinced—that human communities have the creative capacities to transform conflict nonviolently.

A toolkit, or "Tools for Continuing the Conversation," is included with Acting Together on the World Stage DVD as a second disc and is designed to accompany and complement the documentary. The toolkit includes eighteen additional short videos, as well as eighteen print documents. The short videos expand on the material presented in the documentary, and feature additional stories and conversations among leading international artists and peacebuilding practitioners, while the print documents include guidelines for planning and documenting peacebuilding performance initiatives, discussion questions, policy recommendations, a glossary, and other resources for teaching, learning, and conversing.

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Title Acting Together on the World Stage DVD and Toolkit
Subtitle Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict
Director Allison Lund
Producer Cynthia E. Cohen
Collection Acting Together
Publisher Recast
Co-publisher International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life at Brandeis University
Audience 01 General / trade
Title First Published 01 August 2011
Subject Scheme Identifier Code      93 Thema subject category: AT      93 Thema subject category: ATD      93 Thema subject category: GTU

Additional Materials

Acting Together on the World Stage Trailer

Polly O. Walker - Rituals of Reconciliation - Australia

This video is an excerpt from the Acting Together project and features the work of Dr. Polly O. Walker.

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