Asphalt to Ecosystems

Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation

Foreword by Cam Collyer

Cam Collyer

Cam Collyer has been the director of Evergreen's award-winning Learning Grounds Program across Canada since 1997. He has overseen the establishment of a national network of school ground design professionals, the creation of a large suite of print and web-based publications, the establishment of pioneering partnerships with schools boards across Canada, and the distribution of over one million dollars in grants to schools. Collyer has also acted as a consultant to the development of a program supporting the redevelopment of school grounds in Havana, Cuba. A qualified teacher, Collyer graduated in environmental studies from Trent University and in outdoor and experiential education from Queen's University. He has worked in a variety of public and private educational settings including the North York Board of Education, the Canadian Outward Bound Wilderness School, and Peterborough’s Kawartha World Issues Centre. He is a regular presenter at conferences and universities and speaks to the media on topics of school ground greening, environmental education, and the connection between children and nature.