Susan Witt

Interim Executive Director
New Economics Institute

Susan Witt is the interim executive director of the New Economics Institute and was executive director of the E. F. Schumacher Society, the predecessor of the Institute. She helped found the Schumacher Society in 1980 and led the development of its highly regarded publication, library, seminar, and other educational programs while at the same time remaining deeply committed to implementing Schumacher's economic ideas in her home region of the Berkshires. She is the founder of the Community Land Trust in the Southern Berkshires and of the newly formed BerkShare local currency program. She previously founded the Self-Help Association for a Regional Economy (SHARE) a micro-lending program for small businesses. A board member of the Great Barrington Land Conservancy and an advisory board member of The Orion Society, of WAMC Northeast Public Radio and of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). Witt's essays appear in Rooted in the Land; People, Land, and Community; A Forest of Voices: Conversations in Ecology; Environmental Activists; The Money Changers: Currency Reform from Aristotle to E-cash; in the 1999 edition of Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered; and The Essential Agrarian Reader. Witt speaks regularly on the topic of citizen responsibility for shaping local economies. Her work has been described in various radio, TV, book, magazine, newspaper, and on-line interviews.

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