Rahul Srivastava

Rahul Srivastava studied social and urban anthropology in Mumbai, Delhi, and Cambridge (UK). He taught at Wilson College, Mumbai, and worked as the first director of PUKAR, Mumbai, a research collective set-up by Arjun Appadurai. He has done research in Mumbai, Delhi, Georgetown-Penang, Kolkata, Tokyo, Nara (Japan), and New York. His previous publications include An Ethnography of Urbanized Nomads Around Mumbai (1994), Murder on Kaandoha Hill: Conspiracy of the Warriors (2007), Talk of the Town: Stories of Twelve Indian Cities (2008), and essays on urban anthropology and popular culture. He is based in Goa and Mumbai, is a cofounder of URBZ.net and Urbanology.org, and is a PUKAR associate.

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