Sanford Ikeda

Associate Professor of Economics
State University New York, Purchase

Sanford (Sandy) Ikeda is associate professor of economics at State University New York, Purchase, and visting scholar at New York University, where he received his PhD. His work has emphasized the impact of governmental institutions on urban areas and has recently published scholarly articles on social capital, urbanizing economics, and the economic impact of Katrina on New Orleans. He contributed the entry on Robert Moses for the new International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences and on Jane Jacobs for the Encyclopedia of Libertarianism. His published works include Dynamics of the Mixed Economy: Toward a Theory of Interventionism; The Career of Robert Moses: City Planning as a Microcosm of Socialism; and The Role of Social Capital in the Market Process. In addition to his academic work, Ikeda has since 1980 been deeply involved, as a composer and performer, in the Japanese percussion art form known as "taiko," and has been a member of two Japanese-American taiko ensembles.

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