Art in Other Places

Artists at Work in America's Community and Social Institutions

Foreword by Page Smith

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Art in Other Places profiles 29 institutional and community arts programs across the United States that have pioneered the field of arts-based community building. It describes how creative processes have been used to address some of society's most pressing issues—how writers, performers, media and visual artists help develop healthy communities. These histories show the positive effects the arts bring to the elderly, prisoners, people with disabilities, hospital patients, and others.


Title Art in Other Places
Subtitle Artists at Work in America's Community and Social Institutions
Publisher Arts Extension Service Press
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Audience 01 General / trade
Credit William Cleveland
Title First Published 01 March 2000
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Includes Index; Appendices
Original Language English
Original Publisher Praeger Publishers



Foreword by Page Smith

Foreword to the New Edition




1. Inside Other Places: The Nursing Home Setting

2. Madeline Rugh: Conversations With the Elders

3. Liz Lerman: Dancers of the Third Age

4. Susan Perlstein: Elders Share the Arts


5. Inside Other Places: "Inside"

6. Geese Theater: America's National Prison Theater Company

7. Grady Hillman: Jailin' and Writin' in Texas

8. Arts-In-Corrections: Art From California Prisons


9. Inside Other Places: Programs for the Developmentally Disabled

10. Victoria Ann-Lewis: Other Voices, Other Solutions

11. CLIMB Theater Company: Theater-In-Reverse

12. The Short Centers: "My Name is Pat and I'm An Artist"


13. Inside Other Places: Mental Health Facilities

14. Imagination Workshop: Disciplining the Imagination

15. Edith Kelman: Strange Apples

16. Art Programming in the California Department of Mental Health: The Adventures of a Do-Gooder at DMH


17. Inside Other Places: America's Health Care System

18. Duke University Hospital Cultural Services: A Hospital Art Community

19. Hospital Audiences Incorporated: The Healing Role of the Arts

20. Art That Heals: The Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Care Center


21. Inside Other Places: Youth in Placement

22. Laurie Meadoff: The CityKids Empire

23. Artsreach Ensemble: Inside Out at the California Youth Authority

24. Young Saints: "Didn't It Rain"


25. Inside Other Places: In Search of Community

26. Judy Baca: SPARC -- The Social and Public Arts Resource Center

27. Brandywine Workshop: Printmaking and the Streets

28. TheaterWorkers Project: Steelworkers Speak

29. Rebecca Rice: Building Bridges

Directory of Programs



Grantmakers in the Arts Reader: Volume 11, No. 2, Fall 2000
Art in Other Places grew out of a 1986 meeting held at the University of California at Los Angeles among artists and community activists from around the United States. At that point, some of them had

- Frances Phillips, Walter and Elise Haas Fund , Grantmakers in the Arts Reader: Volume 11, No. 2, Fall 2000

Art in Other Places is an important addition to the expanding body of work on community arts...Cleveland has collected some heartwarming stories from the deeply committed people who should be our

- Lucy R. Lippard, Writer, Critic

Bill Cleveland made it possible for me to produce Prisoners, a documentary about the lives of men and women behind bars in California. This book and his work in other places show, not only concern for the human condition, but how we can improve it. He is one of our unsung heroes.
- Jonathan Borofsky, Artist

Bill Cleveland has crafted a work of art in this book—not an object that you hang on a wall or place on a shelf, but a piece of process art that you can take into the streets and use to change

- Robert Lynch, President and CEO, Americans for the Arts

Bill Cleveland's passion for this pursuit, his understanding of this brave territory, and his respect for its heroes frame and direct these inspirational narratives.
- Jessica Davis, Harvard Project Zero

When I was Chairman of the California Arts Council, we entreated artists to contribute their creativity and imaginations to the broadest spectrum of public life. Art in Other Places tells the story of these artists. Bill Cleveland tells it well and truthfully.
- Peter Coyote, Actor, Director

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